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The Black Church and the Civil Rights Movement: Where is the Church Now?
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"The Black church isn't what it used to be. Mega-churches preach "prosperity" to their multi-thousand congregations, but often ignore the plight of the larger Black community. In the author's Washington-southern Maryland-northern Virginia region, only two small churches were willing to host rallies to coincide with massive protests in Jena, Louisiana..."

Comment posted by Shaka on Monday, December 31, 2007 8:25 AM   
I agree.  I wrote a crossword puzzle book and in the introduction I came up with a solution to our problem in America.  We, most of us, are at the bottom of the economic ladder.  The only way we can be helped is that we unite and help each other.  We have to put aside our dislike for one another (we have been taught to hate our mirrored self) and make one goal our focus.  Check the Bible in Genesis, when the early Blacks united, they began to build a tower to check God out.  God noticed how powerful they were united so he confused their languages.  If we are positive, pray, stay focused on helping one another, we can become successful.  The only way I think is through something that we own.  We own our churches.  We need to establish a bank, schools, trade centers, housing, universities, factories that hire our people.  White should be aloud to work with us but never to control anything of ours.  This is my view.  Does it seem like going backward?  Remember, long ago before we had integration, we had our own stores, schools.  It is okay that they spent more on their people for education, we are intergrated now and we still are on the bottom.  The present day schools do not address our problems.  Our children, some of them go there to upset the white teachers when they see that they really do not want to teach them.  How did we believe the people that were our masters could ever be fair to us? We are been struggle for equality every since we have been in this country.  I am not saying stop struggling but I am saying that we must control our own destinies first.  Lets make them want to be involved in what we control not the opposite.  Forgive me if it sounds horrible but we need a revolution (change) to solve our problems. If churches won't help then they are not real churches.  One of God's main concern was to help the down-trodden, the weak spiritually and physically.  All churches that call themselves a church and are not concern for the poor people, particularly those that look like them, are not really churches. dhjackson
~ I am unimployed with a Masters Degree plus 115 hours above
Comment posted by Shaka on Monday, December 31, 2007 8:32 AM   
We as a people need to develop organizations that will support our the people.  Help start businesses, give scholarships, supply training for our people at a minimum cost.  Just like Blacks got together and did a video on We  ARe The World, we can get together and focus on raising the economic level of our people.  A simular group like that, with all the help they can get, should get together, support the candidate that has our interest at stake, and help him.  Whites do not respect us because we have not made them respect us.  I do not want violence but sweet taking a stand for what is right, just and fair. dhjackson
~ I am unimployed with a Masters Degree plus 115 hours above
Comment posted by kwame on Wednesday, January 02, 2008 3:26 PM   
Shaka, about your Bible comment, can you point me to specific versus in Genesis about the uniting of Blacks?  I'm quite interested in reading such things?
Comment posted by braithwaite on Wednesday, January 02, 2008 4:34 PM   
There is a wide gap between making the 'We are the world' video (which, if I'm correct, had some white people in it) and black people getting together for economic empowerment.  The 'We are the world' thing was a group of entertainers.  There was personal gain at stake in being part of the video.  I do not think it was a purely altruistic thing.
Comment posted by molly on Wednesday, January 02, 2008 9:04 PM   
interesting...please let me know about the Bible verses too.
Comment posted by Shaka on Sunday, January 13, 2008 4:42 PM   
You asked for the quote in the Bible where Blacks got together and built the Tower of Babel?  It may be found in Genesis 11:1-9.  If you have never studied the Bible and kept up with the ancient people and where they lived, you would not know that they were Black.  I have.  There are several authors who focused on the subject.  Purchase a Jubilee Bible or King James Version which has the names of African tribes in the footnotes of the Bible.  Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan wrote a great deal about Africa;F. S. Rhoades wrote a book entitled "PEOPLE OF COLOR IN THE BIBLE, in every book in the Bible A Study Guide; Mark HYman wrote BLACKS WHO DIED FOR JESUS; HOLY BIBLE ORIGINAL AFRICAN HERITAGE; THE LEARNING BIBLE - Contemporary English Version; Ammi, Ben. GOD THE BLACK MAN AND TRUTH; Bishop Alfred G. Dunston Jr. THE BLACK MAN IN THE OLD TESTAMENT; Rev. Dr. F. H. S. Rhodes BLACK CHARACTERS AND REFERENCES OF THE HOLY BIBLE; William Dwight McKissic Sr. BEYOND ROOTS: In Search of Blacks in the Bible;John L. Johnson. THE BLACK BIBLICAL HERITAGE; NA'IM AKBAR, Phd. BREAKING THE CHAINS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVERY; Anthony Browder - FROM THE BROWDER FILE.  These will get you started on your research. Shaka
~ I am unimployed with a Masters Degree plus 115 hours above
Comment posted by braithwaite on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 12:29 PM   
I'm doing some research on Blacks in the Bible - i.e. black characters for lack of a better term.  Is there anything you can point me to Shaka? I'm asking you since you seem to know quite a bit but i'm open to anyone's help.

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