1944: Omega Replica Watches Reference.?1945: Omega Replica Watches Ref.


  1925: Omega Replica Watches 97975 is the World's First Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch

It's a leap-year, so Revolution looks at some of the Perpetual Calendars which mattered in the lead up to Feb 29.?We now turn the spotlight to the Omega Replica Watches reference.?1591 is a sporty perpetual calendar with waterproof stainless steel case and lumid hands.

Omega Replica Watches

Omega Replica Watches made my favorite perpetual calendar watch, the reference 1591, in 1944.?In that it combined elegant functionality with technical innovation, the reference 1591 was an extremely bold timepiece. It featured a waterproof case, luminous hands, and dial. The 1591 had a large centrally mounted second hand. This was in keeping with its sporty nature.?These elements collectively indicated that the steel-cased watch was designed for sportsmen who wanted to wear it while engaging in vigorous activities, some of which were nocturnal.?The man in question was, indeed, an Indian Maharaja with a passion for polo and other sporting activities.

As was the case of many other scientific watches from that era, the movement was protected against magnetism by a soft iron shield.?Patek's India distributor Favre Leuba imported the watch for him. The Maharaja was so kind that he gave it to the organizer of the wedding.?This is too bad, as only two were ever made and this watch was made of steel (case No.?635 565, movement Number.?864 470), while the other was in yellow gold.?Christie's purchased the timepiece in 2007 for SFr.2,513,000.?Recent design inspiration for the 2017 reference 5320 was the 1591. It borrows its dial design and hands from this unique icon.?The watches' movement, as with the 1526 is the Victorin Piguet. It has been designated 12 SC for the seconds central QP.

The reason we mention Christie's 2007 sale is that it was believed that the Christie's auction house had only one instance of steel. This belonged to the Indian Maharaja, and is now part a private collection.?One in yellow gold is the other instance that has been catalogued. You can find everything you need to know about Omega Replica Watches perpetual Calendars in 'The Entire History Of Omega Replica Watches’s Perpetual Calenders' by Wei Koh here.

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