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Today in Black History
Wednesday, June 23

Dr Betty Shabazz ~ (civil rights activist and wife of Malcolm X) dies ADD MORE »

First Black Finishes Marathons On All Seven Continents ~ On June 23, 2007, Anthony "Tony" Reed finished Kenya's Lewa SafriCom Marathon to become the first Black in the world to run 26.2-mile marathons on all seven continents, including Antarctica. He's the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the National Black Marathoners Association. ADD MORE »

Pvt George Wanton ~ cited for bravery at Tayabacoa Cuba in the Spanish-American War ADD MORE »

Wilma Rudolph ~ (polio victim who won three Olympic gold medals) born ADD MORE »
Why Today In Black History?

In our words: As with all aspects of American history, Black history is an indispensible key to understanding the nation's past, present, and future. Unfortunately, much of this history began with the hundreds of thousands of Africans who reached the United States as slaves between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. With such an abhorrent beginning, the freedom and other achievements eventually earned by African Americans cannot be simply disregarded. With each new advancement or right gained by African Americans, a new obstacle or restriction followed. The tumultuous beginnings of Black history in the United States, along with the truly admirable perseverance of those who withstood it all are strong parts of the growth of the nation as a whole.

A thorough grasp of Black history also gives great insight to the present state of the Black race, as well as its overall impact on America. Without understanding how things came to be, it is difficult to make much sense of the current situation or to form solutions to current issues concerning African Americans. Likewise, knowledge of Black history aids in avoiding the repetition of past mistakes and tragedies in the future, and it also serves as a reminder of the potential for great achievement and provides a foundation on which these triumphs can continue to be achieved.

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